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Get to know more about us and our history as the student body of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in NTU

  • The Electrical & Electronic Engineering Club
    (EEE Club) was founded in the year 1981 as a student-run club to represent the students of NTU School of EEE.

  • The School of EEE is the school with the largest student population in NTU. With the welfare of these students in mind, the Club organizes various activities, ranging from workshops, to welfare pack distributions, to the annual EEE Week.

    The EEE Club aims to create a vibrant culture for both students and staff in the family of EEE.

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Stay informed with our events and news


Stay informed with our events and news

Previous Updates

Exam Welfare Day 17/18 Sem 1


Subcommittee Welcome Night 17/18

EEE Ninja

EEE Exam Welfare Day

EEE Evening 2017


EEE Family Day 2017


Music Fiesta

EEE Inter-school Games 16/17

Electric Cycle 16/17 Sem 1

EEE Workshop Sem 1 2016

Exam Welfare Day 16/17 Sem 1

Sports GO 16/17 Sem 1

Subcommitte Welcome Night 16/17

36th Management Committee

President's Message

Hello EEE and IEM friends!

Welcome to our official website for EEE Club. This is one of several channels where you get updates on the latest EEE Club events like EEE Week, Exam Welfare Days and more!

As part of the 35th Electrical and Electronic Engineering Club Management Committee, we strive to serve our student population of around 3,000 unique individuals. Our responsibilities include catering to the social, welfare and academic interests of our community. As such, do interact with any of our 15 management committee members, or drop me a quick email (below!) to find out more about our upcoming events, seek advice on school life, or even join us as a committee member. We’ll always be more than happy to hear from you!

Looking back at my three odd years in NTU, I would say that my experience in university has been a rocky voyage that’s pushed me far beyond my comfort zone. There is always some unpredictable challenge that lies ahead, and with the support of my friends, we’ll always work together to pull through it all. As my friend shared with me, EEE is a place full of opportunities way beyond academics, just waiting for us to take up. The best part of these opportunities, is that they don’t come with GPA cut-offs or expect you to be a prodigy. Just bring with you an open mind, a thirst for learning, and a commitment to responsibility and we’ll succeed together. So, I urge each of us to read our inboxes thoroughly, step up, speak out, and make the best of this learning journey. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Lastly, before I forget, do also follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@eeeclubntu), as well as drop by our noticeboard outside LT23 from time to time.

With your help, let’s work towards a more vibrant community, brimming with enthusiasm to engineer our future together.

Yours truly,

Sufia Binte Zulkifli | President

36th Management Committee | EEE Club Nanyang Technological University | email:

Our Gallery

Exam Welfare Sem 1 '17


Subcommittee Night 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017

UAV Workshop

EEE Family Day


Phyton Workshop

EEE Week 16/17


EEE Music Fiesta

Night Cycling '16

NTU ISG 16/17

Prof. Sharing Session

Arduino Workshop 2016

Android Workshop 2016

Exam Welfare Pack Sem. 1 '16

Annual General Meeting 2016

Subcommittee Night 2016


Star Wars

Inter-School Games

MATLAB Workshop

Goodie Bag

Subcommittee Night 2015

Feedback Lunch

Annual General Meeting 2015

Past Year Paper

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